Standing Rules

Brownsville PTSA, Central Kitsap Council 1.3.8

Standing Rules 2023-2024



1.      The name of the PTA local council shall be “Brownsville Elementary PTSA, Central Kitsap Council”. The local number is 1.3.8

2.      This unit was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state of Washington on October 23, 1980. It is the responsibility of this unit to file an annual

         corporation report prior to March 1st. The unit’s incorporation number D-303836. The IRS recognizes this unit as a tax-exempt organization as of February 16,

         1987 under 501 C-4

3.      This unit shall keep three copies of its legal documents in three separate locations. The Secretary, the President and the Treasurer shall maintain copies.

4.      The membership service fee of this unit shall be $15.00 per member. All Brownsville Elementary students shall be eligible for membership in the Brownsville

         Elementary PTSA 1.3.8 through the purchase of a family membership or single membership in the student’s name.

5.      The second General Meeting shall elect the nominating committee in accordance with the Washington State PTA uniform By-Laws.

6.      The Nominating committee shall consist of PTSA members appointed by the members.

7.      The Brownsville PTSA voting board members shall be as follows. President, Co-President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Treasurer, Bear Wear

         Chairperson, Volunteer Coordinator, and Membership Chairperson. Other board members to include but not limited to: All Chairpersons and the Principal.

8.      Board meetings of this unit will be held the second Monday of the month at either 4:00 PM or 6:00 PM at the Brownsville library, unless otherwise noted.

9.      General Membership meetings will be held in the autumn, winter and spring quarters. There shall be a minimum of three general membership meetings during

         the school year.

10.   The quorum for general membership meetings shall be 10% of the paid members or not less than 10 members.

11.   An office/chairmanship shall be declared vacant if that person misses three meetings unless excused by the President. If a person should vacate his or her

        position, the executive committee will use its discretion to approve a new person to that position.

12.   The President shall prepare an agenda for all board and general membership meetings.

13.   Golden Acorn awards

14.   Voting delegates to the Central Kitsap PTA/PTSA council shall be the President and three authorized delegates.

15.   This unit’s vote for the Region 1 director shall be by the Executive Board action.

16.   The Executive board shall elect voting delegates to the annual Washington State PTA convention before March 15th, preceding the convention.

17.   The voting delegate to the Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly shall be the Vice-President or alternate appointed by the President.

18.   The General Membership gives permission to the PTSA Board to make additions, deletions and changes to the approved budget of not more than $1000.00

        per budget line item.

19.   There shall be two financial reviews per year, one in January and another in July of each year, the findings will be reported to council.

20.   PTSA Board meetings are open to all PTSA members. Anyone wishing to add agenda item for said board meetings may contact the PTSA President prior to

        the meeting.

21.   The Standing rules shall be adopted annually by a majority vote at the first general membership meeting. Copies of the approved Standing Rules will be with

        the legal documents as listed in #3 as well as with the CK Council in their local unit notebook of Standing Rules. The Standing Rules may be amended at any

        general membership meeting by two thirds vote, or if a previous notice is given by majority.

22.   These Standing Rules are construed to supplement and to super-cede the Washington State PTA By-Laws; the uniform By-Laws are controlled.

23.   The Treasurer for the current school year will be responsible for any and all government related forms to be submitted on time for the previous school year and

        must report to the board in the month prior to the due date/s that such submissions are in progress and near completion.

24.   The President and/or Vice-President will keep a calendar of such deadlines and contact the Treasurer one-week prior to the due date/s to insure completion,

        accuracy and on-time submission.

25.   Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, we will annually review, complete, sign, and submit the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation Agreement by the

        required deadline.

26.   Electronic payment may be accepted as a form of payment. The payment must be processed on the PTSA owned device and direct-deposited to the PTSA

        Checking or Savings account. Electronic payment may also be accepted through PTA venue for membership. The treasurer will keep the electronic device and

        loan it to committee chairs for events.

27.   If a meeting is being held online the following rules will apply:
           a.      Attendees may join the meeting on any computer or smart device with an internet connection via the annual business meeting platform.
           b.      All attendees must mute their microphones whenever they are not speaking.
           c.      A voting delegate who wishes to make a main motion shall use the electronic form to send the text of the motion. Once the main motion is pending, the

                    delegate shall request to be added to the list of speakers by using the feature chat to indicate “make motion.” This can be for any voting requiring 10

                    paid members.